Assam - West Jalinga (CTC)

Assam - West Jalinga (CTC)

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Organic Assam tea from the West Jalinga estate in Assam, India. This is a “Gunpowder” style of tea leaf, in which the leaves have gone through a process called CTC or crush, tear, curl.

This particular Assam is the one we chose for our Original Chai Blend. It is a beautifully rich black tea, but what we loved about it was how well it complemented the other flavours when they were added. It holds it’s own, but allows for other ingredients to shine. It is also delicious enjoyed on it’s own!

Brewing: 1 tsp per cup. Steep 2-3 minutes.

Origin: India, Assam region
Production: The mastery of making black tea has been refined over the centuries and involves leaving the leaves to wither in the open, following with a "crush, tear, curl" procedure wherein the leaves are prepared for fermentation, carefully controlling for temperature and humidity. Finally, the leaves are heat dried to arrest the oxidation process, then sorted and graded according to size, and packaged.
Qualities: Black tea is generally stronger in flavour than the less oxidized teas.West Jalinga Assam tea steeps a cup some describe as hearty and rich. Black tea contains caffeine.

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