Our Chai

A description of what goes into our chai!

Every package of our chai contains two inner packets: one with organic Assam tea and one with our blend of seven organic whole spices. This allows for traditional brewing, which creates a truly delightful, balanced and delicious chai. Every ingredient is carefully sourced and organically grown.

HOw to Prepare our Original Chai Blend 

Directions for one 8 oz serving:

• Bring to a boil ½ cup (4 oz) water and 1 level teaspoon Shanti Chai SPICES

• Add ½ cup (4 oz) milk, 2 teaspoons sugar, and bring to a gentle boil

• Turn heat to low, add 1 level teaspoon Shanti Chai ASSAM TEA and steep for 3 - 4 minutes

• Strain into your favourite cup and enjoy!

To create an authentic froth, pour chai back and forth between two pitchers before serving (OR use an espresso steamer).

To create a delicious cup of iced chai, prepare as per instructions; allow to cool and refrigerate for up to two days. When ready to serve, pour over ice.